Rahill is a stylist of the highest calibre.

Stevie Davies, The Guardian, August 3rd 2019

…a woman whose mind’s unravelling is depicted with sensitivity and heart-rending conviction. At one stage she wonders ‘Is it that there are blameless little tragedies in it too, that run right down into the guts of the earth and change everything?’ Rahill’s answer seems to be yes, but it’s an answer she delivers with striking grace.

Anna Carey, The Irish Times June 15 2019

“I have long been an admirer of Elske Rahill’s frank, vivid writing, and An Unravelling is her best yet.

Nicole Flattery

Dubray Staff Recommended Reads January 2020:

Both deeply personal and slyly political, An Unravelling captures a household and a society at odds over shared and differing experience and waning privilege. Told in vivid, charged prose, it is at once poetic and deeply profound.

An Unravelling perfectly showcases Elske Rahill’s mastery of words and ability to create vividly real characters. In her twilight years, Molly is the matriarch of a messy and dysfunctional family of four generations. As the ghosts of her past and the arguments of her present wear her down, she struggles to keep focus. An emotionally charged portrayal of a woman’s place in the home and in life, told with both tenderness and anger.

Karen McKay, Dubray Grafton Street

“Bright bullets that ask the reader to consider what matters in life”

Sarah Gilmartin, The Irish Times, October 2017

“Frank O’Connor talked about the difference between what he called applied and natural short stories; between the writer not so much keeping his eye on the object, as O’Connor puts it, as on some grand scheme for the story to generate its effects. The difference speaks for itself. In White Ink captures women and mothers caught inside their lives; Rahill’s art sets them free into ours.”

Kirsty Gunn, The Guardian, December 2017

“This remarkable collection is a sometimes bleak, yet always compelling snapshot into maternity, nurture, the inequality of social expectations and human compassion.”

Francesca Pymm, The Bookseller, September 2017

“a sensational novel

Sue Leonard, The Irish Examiner, November 2013

It’s an important book. The writing is elegant, raw, beautifully poetic yet sharp, and also very witty. There is something new and wonderful happening here, to read this book is a visceral experience.”

Niamh Boyce

This is a contemporary coming-of-age novel that might shock some with its graphic depictions of sex, drunkenness and the recklessness of youth, and the book is filled with detailed scenes from the outset. But what ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ really feels like is the most authentic depiction of Ireland’s post-boom, YouTube-raised young adults that we have had yet. Rahill has attempted to do something bravely original and, with that, has singled herself out as an intriguing and definitive voice of a new generation of Irish writers.”

The Irish Independent